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Different types of garage doors you can automate

When people talk about automatic garage doors, the image that pops into a person’s mind is usually that of a garage door that swings up as it opens. What some people may not realise is that there are actually lots of different garage doors that can be automated. You can even automate existing garage doors with the right kind of electric garage door opener.

automatic garage doors

To help give you an idea as to what types of garage doors can be automated, here is a list of some of the more popular ones that most homes have:

  • Tilt garage door – This is the most common of all automatic garage doors around and is the one people usually envision when automated doors for a garage is considered. This operates by tilting the garage door upwards and outwards, with half of the door inside and the other half outside.
  • Sectional garage door – Another garage door that can be automated is the one that comes with a sectional design. It comes with four or more panels, with the panels folding one over the other as it opens.
  • Roller garage door – This are also pretty common and is often chosen by homeowners who want a space-saving option for their garage door. This door rolls into a cylinder form as it opens and unfurls as it closes.
  • Slide to side garage door – This is similar in concept as a roller garage door when operated and looks like a sectional garage door installed on its side. How this works is it is installed to one side of the garage door opening and the mechanism slides the door to one wall of the garage as it opens. This is the garage door of choice by those who have a garage with very little headroom.

Should you automate or get a new garage door?

Whether you have a carport garage door, a sliding garage door, or a roller door, if you are thinking of automating it, a contractor that specialises in such work can be found. Before you automate your garage door, there are a few things to consider. Should you should keep your existing garage door and add a mechanism to it or would it be better to get a new garage door altogether? Here are some things to ponder before you decide to automate an existing garage door:

  • Is it old? – If your garage door has been around for decades, it might be better for you to get a new automated garage door rather than automate the old one.
  • Is it damaged? – If your door is warped or damaged, it will be difficult for you to add a motor to it for automation.
  • Does it have a unique design? – If you have a garage door that is unlike any other, you might have a hard time finding ways to automate it.

When you have an existing garage door that is difficult to automate, you are much better off having new custom garage doors that are fitted into your garage. This will ensure that the automation will work perfectly and seamlessly after it is installed.

For all your garage door needs, whether you need residential or commercial garage doors, the company to contact is Eco Garage Doors. They are one of the leading providers of garage doors in Melbourne. Aside from automatic garage doors, commercial roller garage doors, and customised pieces, they can also provide you with insulated garage doors and even automate existing doors for you. Visit their site to see what they can do and what products they have for you. For more information, visit at

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Solve Common Skylight Issues with These Easy Fixes

Velux roof windows were at first established in a Danish school more than 75 years earlier. Today these products are provided in over 40 countries. They do not only offer roof windows but other products like shutters, thermal panels and other design and sun screening. Allowing natural lights inside your home can really offer spectacular advantages to your whole house, especially if you set up skylights. With budget-friendly Velux skylight cost in the market, brightening your home throughout the day will be a simple accomplishment. There are areas in your house that will benefit most from natural sunshine. Often, home professionals overlook the worth of natural lighting when building houses. The size of your property can likewise restrict the amount of sunlight. Good thing you can discover affordable Velux skylight cost to maximize natural sunlight in your house.

skylight cost
Before building roof windows, remember these possible skylight issues and their easy fixes. This will offer you ideas on how to keep your skylights in great shape:
Skylights that are Dripping
Many leakages on roof skylights occur around the flashing. It is challenging to discover a leakage because they are slow. You will only see the leak when the frame starts decaying and the drywall buckle and bends. Routine evaluations from specialists might help avoid this issue.
One option to this is to buy skylight windows. You can select the Velux deck and curb with a 10-year guarantee on product and setup. Enjoy sunlight throughout the day and see the stars at night with a serene mind.
Problems on Wear and Tear
A lot of skylights nowadays use deck seals, adhesive underlay, gaskets and flashing. That is why it is very important to look out for wear and tear as these things might build issues with time. What you can do is to re-seal and re-flash to fix issues like water dripping.
It is insufficient that you discover cost-effective Velux skylight cost nowadays. Make certain to discover a brand name like Velux Skylight that offers a 10-year guarantee integrated with their trademarked Deck Seal Advancement that permits you to enjoy your skylights without fretting about possible leakages.
Heat Loss Issue or Intense Heat 
Equivalent to windows, heat will leave your home throughout winter season or enter throughout the summer season at a much faster rate. This occurs when you choose a vented sort of skylight.
To resolve this problem, buy Velux windows online that have sensing units to close or open the windows when it rains or when it’s too hot. You can also select polycarbonate aerogel insulated skylight to prevent unnecessary heat loss or heat gain.
Skylights boost the natural sunlight into your home’s locations and places. Aside from being useful for your family in performances, skylights run as a huge plus for your home’s visual appeals. Brands like Velux skylights offer budget-friendly item and setup services.
To be on the safe side, ask for an expert’s suggestions before you compare Velux fixed skylight prices. It would be ingenious to have in reality specialists established skylights in your place.
Have a look at to get more details.

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